Cure for Writer’s Block – Get Out and Do Something, Anything!

a cure for writer's block

ATLANTA – Melisha Childs, Senior Blog Contributor

Staring at blank sheets of paper is like staring at a blank canvas – if you are not inspired before you get in front of the blank canvas or blank piece of paper, you will sit there and waste precious time, not to mention make excuses and procrastinate your way out of writing.

If you find that you are at the writer’s crossroad and can’t figure out what to do, even if you have a specific project in mind, get up and away from that cursed blank piece of paper and get out!

You heard me right – get out – get out of your studio, get out of your home, get out of your office, get out of your cave, get out of whatever you need to get out of and go out into the world.

Go to the grocery store and do some shopping.  Go to the mall or go to a movie.

What I like to do in particular is go to events or workshops that have nothing to do with writing and just mingle a bit or listen to a totally unrelated topic.

For instance, say you are a creative brain that writes novels.

Go to a seminar on money management, or a seminar on creatures in the wild, or even go to a wine tasting.

You will be amazed at how doing something totally unrelated to your task at hand can get your brain cells to pumping.

Even if the topic may not relate to what you are writing about, what you may come across is an interesting person who is leading the seminar or you may even talk to an audience member who may inspire you to develop a character in your book that behaves and talks like the person you met at the seminar.

Even if you are not so lucky to find someone write about, having this drastic change in your behavior will allow you to de-stress a bit and place you in a different mind set that can keep you from the analysis paralysis which is usually behind writer’s block.

Sometimes even doing something as simple as reading another author’s book whether it is fiction or non-fiction can get your brain juices flowing.

For instance, I recently picked up a book by Maria Veloso called Web Copy That Sells and just reading a few pages of her book had some light bulbs going off in my dormant brain that not only inspired me to write this piece but has be thinking about some of my other writing projects that have been stagnated for the past few months.

So whether it is going to a parade, hosting an intimate get together with your friends, cutting the grass, or learning to create balloon puppets, keep in mind that sometimes taking your attention off of writing – as important as it may be – can be one of the most inspirational things you can do to improve your writing.

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