The Vital Sacrifice

Few men recover from the pain of losing the one that they love.

Ali Abdur Rahman is no exception to this; only he wasn’t supposed to love. The cult of semi-immortals to which he belongs forbids this dangerous emotion.

Teresa McMillan is a very successful opera singer that is contemplating putting aside her successful career to start a family with her fiancé. She is on tour in Italy when Ali happens to see a photo of her in the local newspaper. When he sees Teresa’s picture in a local newspaper in Italy, he can’t believe it. She bears an uncanny resemblance to his former lover. It is only a matter of time before he is hot on Teresa’s trail, chasing her halfway around the world.

Ali bursts into Teresa’s life, flipping it upside down. He wants her badly, and he makes it impossible for her to say no. It doesn’t matter that she’s engaged. It doesn’t matter that he’s not supposed to fall in love. It doesn’t matter that she has no idea who he is. Teresa, too, feels that there is something familiar, magnetic, and otherworldly about Ali which lures her to him.

Unfortunately, what she doesn’t realize is that when she walks away from her fiancé is that Ali is about to submerge her into his dark world — a world that she could have never imagined where she becomes the bait.

The members of the cult will do anything to protect their secrecy and their existence on earth, even kill. Will Ali choose love or life in, The Vital Sacrifice?

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